Our Teachers

Do you remember your own school days? Chances it isn’t the science equipment or the playground that first comes to mind. It will be your favourite teacher. Perhaps because they were one of the first adults to really understand you or because they made learning seem so easy. Whatever the reason we know great teachers inspire great students.

That’s why at MAJ Academy, we pay close attention to how we train and support both our new and experienced educators. We know just how rewarding a teaching career can be, when teachers have the right support and opportunities to develop.

So, what makes a great MAJIAN teacher?

  • MAJA Quality Standards– Good quality teachers all creating educational excellence
  • The Right Tools– A world of resources and tools at their fingertips
  • Career Pathways– Rewarding opportunities that can take our teachers anywhere
  • Pioneering People– Engaged teaching professionals with new ideas and knowledge

When you come in to our school, we are sure you’ll be welcomed by our great teachers.

Meet our teachers

With teachers, leaders and education specialist, the MAJ Academy team is talented and passionate educators.

Regardless of where our teachers come from, they are all education professionals, who know better than most that you never stop learning. Every MAJA teacher has access to the events and workshops each year – keeping their teaching practices cutting-edge.

As you start to get to know our teachers, they’ll want to get to know you and your family. We believe that close parent-teacher relationships are essential to helping students achieve their individual best. That’s why MAJ Academy strongly provides parent resources and promotes programs which encourage parental involvement.

 MAJ Academy Principal

MAJA principal is responsible for ensuring outstanding expertise reach children in the classroom. Our principal shapes the direction of MAJ Academy, establishing their culture, their ethos and their direction.

Above all, MAJA principal is there to inspire and to motivate; giving teachers the support and confidence they need to be the very best educators and motivating students to achieve their full potential – with the full support of MAJIAN parents.

Inspecting quality

We may be passionate about constant improvement and innovation in teaching, but we’re also serious about maintaining our high standards in school. The standard of our teaching is regularly assessed by the Education and Literacy department of Sindh.