Max Mela

As students learn more through the co-curricular activities rather than theoretical work so we arranged “MAX MELA” and “Summer Festival” to make children learn about all the activities related to society and their life coming ahead… It started from Monday 19-Aug-2013 and ended on Friday 23-Aug-2013….

Prep Section

1. Eid Milan Party.

  • Children enjoyed in their campus along with their care takers and class fellows.

2. Plant Day.

  • On this day teachers provided knowledge and importance about plants to the children, students came along with one flower with it’s pot.

3. Mango Day.

  • On this day kids came school in yellow dresses and with one mango. Teachers made mango milkshake for students, kids took shake and had a lot of fun.

4. Color Day.

  • On this day students came in red, yellow and orange color dresses. Teachers gave them knowledge about different colors.

5. Summer Day.

  • On this day students came in summer outfit( sunglasses, round hat and umbrella), kids were looking so cute and handsome as wel…
Primary and Secondary Section

1. Milaad.

  • All students gathered at primary campus, participants illuminated the life of Muhammad (SAW) and recited naats and created awesome environment.

2. Fun Fair.

  • On this day student booked their stalls containing food items gaming and ghost banglow… students came with siblings and entered in fair against PKR. 10/- ticket… there were also a play land where students were having fun.

3. Eid Milan Party.

  • On Friday students came in their campuses in Eid dresses and with delicious dishes….. over all it was an awesome week we had…
Speech Competition

In our school a speech competition was organized on 7th Feb 2013. In which all the students of Class X participated. The management of our school gave free hand to the teacher as well as students. The topic was given according to the student’s choice. Participation was done through audio visual aids.


  • The main objective or purpose to organize this competition was to build up the confidence of students.
  • To give them an opportunity to share their views in front of the others.
  • To remove their hesitation.
  • To increase their vocabulary.


What Benefits We Got?

  • The big advantage which we got that those students who felt shy in saying something in front of others they came forward and speak well.
  • The student struggled a lot and built their confidence.
  • This was also the judgment of teachers for whatever she taught.
  • The students enjoyed a lot and felt happy.


The Final Touch:

In the end prizes were given to the position holders for the purpose of their struggled and appreciation. The students got position to do the best. All was very happy. The first prize got from Class X “B” Rimsha Ali. The second prize got from Class X “C” Hamza Imtiaz. The third prize got from Class X “A” Iqra Rehman.