Our Pre-Primary section offers a concrete foundation comprising a blend of innovative learning activities to provide children a sound base during their early education. These activities strongly focus on physical and mental development of each individual child.

Our children will nurture in a natural learning environment under the guidance of professional and competent teaching staff.

Academic learning will primarily target to cover following foundation areas:

  1. Exercise of practical life
  2. Sensorial Exercise
  3. Language
  4. Mathematics
  5. Culture and Arts
  6. Islamiat
  7. Vocabulary
  8. Games and some other montessori based activities

Primary + lower secondary level curriculum and learning methodology focuses on enhancement of cognitive skills of our students by way of projects, presentations, group discussions, debates etc. with the help of the teachers.

Computer Literacy is part of the daily curriculum and is given weightage.

Art, Moral and Physical Education develop and groom a child aesthetically.

Evaluation of students’ progress is both continuous and comprehensive.

Following basic subjects are taught at this level:

  1. English
  2. Urdu
  3. Mathematics
  4. Science
  5. Pakistan Studies / Social Studies
  6. Islamiat
  7. Sindhi
  8. Computer
  9. Arts

MAJA is affiliated with Board of Secondary Education Karachi

The school has very experienced and dedicated teachers and provides the best infrastructure so that its students can excel in their board exams.

Our 9th standard students are free to select either computer science or biology as the major course.

Fully equipped laboratories of chemistry, physics, biology and computer are provided to facilitate students in practical learning.

At MAJA, we are equally concerned and emphasize on nurturing intellectual as well as physical, social, moral and emotional capabilities of our students. Keeping this in mind, we have designed a student centered programe that not only focuses on excellent academics but covers a spectrum of co-curricular activities. Participation of students in these activities is highly encouraged.

Some of the prominent co-curricular activities are:

  • Governance Day
  • Science Exhibition
  • Quiz Program
  • Field Trip
  • Study Tour
  • Community Services
    • School cleaning
    • Wall paint
    • Lab arrangement
    • Old house visit with gifts
    • Library book purchasing, cleaning, etc
    • Generalism
    • Interviews



Our school library offers a wide collection of books, serving as a learner-oriented center to support the school’s curriculum. Students can refer the library during school hours as well as can issue the needed books for home reading.


Computer Laboratory

A fully furnished computer laboratory, with all the relevant educational software according to each standard and internet access is available for students to carry out practical of the course work and get familiar with the use of technology for quality learning.


Science laboratory

The school also comprises of three laboratories, each for biology, chemistry and physics practicals. The labs are well equipped with all necessary apparatus and devices for conduction of practicals in a quality learning environment.


Multimedia Room

The Multimedia Facility offers a variety of equipment including a set of CDs on different subjects for audiovisual presentation. This practice provides the students with an interactive learning atmosphere.